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Then and now Klerksdorp to Matlosana


As of 1st July 2005, klerksdorp municipality 's name was officially changed to the City of Matlosana. Plans were underway to make the name known and owned by all South Africans, especially the citizens of Klerksdorp.  All necessary consultations where made in finally agreeing to the name.

The council had in September, a month for heritage, publicly launched the name. The decision to have the launch during this month is to acknowledge the history behind the name. It will be during this month where the council will engage the public in sharing stories behind the name. The council will appoint a reputable research company to collate data about the real history of Matlosana. Through a mini quantitative research, the name Matlosana is said to mean “ the forceful removal of people from one area to the other”. But as one qualitatively researched, the meaning goes beyond the period of forcefully moving people, but the beginning of a war between British and Afrikaners on the Hartbees koppies.

Obviously both stories trigger many stories untold. It is through this that we would like to get our community involved through different media genres, for us to reclaim and restore the history behind the name. All cultural groups are welcomed to share such stories with us for the benefit of the past, present and coming generations. The Executive Mayor acknowledges a need to have replicable data that tells a story of the people of this city, across all race, creed and age. This is because not only does the name Matlosana tells a story of the geographic layout but the people who dedicated their lives in getting the infrastructure we they are at the moment.

The City Council will keep its motto of being the “City of people”. The council therefore appeal to all whom would like to contribute to research to come forward. This should be seen as a rebirth of a proud society, with true identity that one can proudly tell his children to tell theirs in future.
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Matlosana Executive Mayor's Community Achievers Awards.



The city of Matlosana have long been at the forefront of achieving political and social equality in our country. They have worked passionately over many years for the upliftment and increased prosperity of their families and communities.

The award pay tribute to the most exceptional and achieving individuals and groups/sectors in Matlosana who have not only achieved success in their own respective fields but who have made tangible difference in communities and society as a whole.

The judging process culminates in the announcement of the category winner during a special Award ceremony event on the 15th December 2005.

On individuals
The nominee's suitability as a role model is essential and it is very important for this nominee to not have achieved in her own right but also to have made a difference within her community.

On local and independent business bodies

Social philanthropy

Business  Economic up-liftment (provincial and national representativity) companies that have proven to be competing nationally and provincially.

Social philanthropy (companies funding and sponsoring social development programmes)
2x3 = 6 prizes

Emerging businesses in construction, manufacturing etc

Arts, culture, media and communication


Best ward collectively contributing to the development of their ward through cleanliness, payment of services, addressing social issues.

Education best academic performing school based on the previous results.

best actively involved school in science

best actively involved school in sports, arts and culture.

Community achievers individual and groups responding to :

Health and social welfare issues.

Youth projects

Disability projects

Women projects

Overall/outstanding winners across all categories Community Role model and corporate/business leader.

As one municipality legend in the globe, the city of Klerksdorp and its people remain humble in a journey of revelation for total resilience and commitment to fully represent themselves in the world economy and development. Taking a stake in the rehabilitation and regeneration of human spirit, that embraces unified social efforts for growth and sustenance.

Development calls for change, and change calls for cautious strategic interventions, we will continuously promote public empowerment, participation and community development.

I am proud to say that this council has already completed with registrations of indigents, special interventions in involving rural communities, budget process consultation, the IDP program, local economic development, imbizo, and extended public works. The Mansfield exchange project, Klerksdorp development agency and the stakeholders forum (public participation)

National support for municipalities in various areas such as local economic development, performance Management, integrated development planning and infrastructure investment remain to be tunnel of hope for a better municipal governance to reprieve our people from social and economic depravation. (Klerksdorp Development Agency, N12 tourism route, preparation 4 the 2010 world soccer bid)

Among these challenges is, the eradication of the bucket system of sanitation, which to date we have managed to install R8, 3 million worth of additional sewerage, R11, 9 million was spent on main sewerage pump stations,

We need to recognize our individual responsibilities for social upliftment. This will bring us to the realization that the council will because of unpaid services, regress. The accumulation of arrears with this serious situation in light will impede the success of our plans.

The city council of Matlosana, has decided to come up with an incentive scheme, in order to motivate and acknowledge its clients's commitment in paying for their services accounts. Also internally motivate its staff in taking its clients serious, and insist on the Batho Pele principles.

This move follows consumer's complains about council employees's attitudes towards good customer service/care. But also that council appreciates and acknowledges clients paying for services on time and making arrangements for any defaults.

Among some of the incentives considered are:
“Rand for Rand”  for each rand that the account holder pays on his arrears account, which is 90 days and older, council writes off a rand.

“Monthly draws  pool method”  a monthly draw is held every month where the lucky person wins a prize, - TV, DVD, Camera, etc. Arrears persons are included when they have made arrangements and keep up to date with their arrangement and current payments for 6 months, they must therefore be a continuous payer.

Lucky draws for all consumers who are not in arrears, one in each ward, who pays their accounts before the 10th of each month. A R300.00 credit on their service account can be used as a prize.

“Writing off of interests” each person that pays off his/her capital arrears amount within 2 months plus their current account within  that period up to date.

“Sweat equity”  local labour, preferably indigent persons, should be employed by Council for various tasks where possible. Thereby half of their remuneration can be paid to them as a cash payment and the other half be credited against their accounts.

“Reward for personnel” reward scheme for any staff who implements or causes an increase in the effectiveness of collection of outstanding debt owing to council. This will also set a good example to all employed communities in Matlosana.

The Executive Mayor believes that our own people can only be assisted by their own people. If those employed pay their dues, then those are unemployed and indigent can get some developments and free basic services intended by council. But also those unemployed and indigent must assist this process by saving and securing services. We must all discourage people stealing cables, by passing meters, keeping their taps leaking and also not reporting any fault with the infrastructure that can cost council a lot of money.

We thank the people of Klerksdorp for taking pride in being agents of change for a better life, through their direct and indirect participation in matters of this council, and we would also like to take this opportunity to wish all citizens of Klerksdorp and surrounding areas a very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous New Year.
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The Executive Mayor of Klerksdorp City Council Mr. Jaycee Nxamakele has launched his bursary fund on the 23 June 2005, Ballroom hall, 18h30. The North West Provincial Chairperson of the Youth Commission Mr. Kabelo Mataboge was the key speaker at the Launch.

The challenge and a call for education assistance is one of the request by public during the Executive Mayor's imbizos. The Executive Mayor made an undertaken to answer to the call by bringing his Executive to review and find possible measures to be able to assist the community on this undebatable social need. His stance was then articulated as  “ A PROUD NATION TAKES PRIDE IN SERVING THE EDUCATIONAL NEEDS OF DISADVANTAGED STUDENTS”. The long cues in his office throughout the year, of parents begging for financial assistance to see their children through school, did not give chance to deaf ears, the forth coming bursary fund launch.

The core philosophy of the fund is to improve the quality of life by contributing to training and development of the city 's manpower resources. The Executive Mayor will nominate an independent committee to work on the fund allocation. The fund accommodates only school leavers who apply to study at tertiary level and who are residents of KOSH. Priority is granted to the destitute and indigent young people who either could not finish their studies because of financial disadvantages and also who have performed very well in their matric.

Bursaries will be awarded purely on merit and need. “Need” will be assessed according to the joint income of the candidate's parents. This also promotes the candidate's participation and contribution to community life. There are obvious unique cases for learners in lower level grades who might need assistance and they will also be considered for funding.

The statistics on the status of literacy, training and skill development in this City poses a huge challenge, especially with the decline of mining industries. This requires intervention to address the extent to which a local economy could effectively utilize the advantages of its diverse labour force in order to gain economic and competitive market advantages depends largely on the quality of its labour force. Education is the only such intervention.

This Municipality has at least 9.3% of young people sitting with matric, 1.3% with diploma and degrees is 0.6%. The percentage of the total population who never attended school is very high (16.7%) the majority (57.2%) of the population who attended school in Klerksdorp have completed at least primary education. Twenty seven percent have at least a secondary education. Out of the twenty seven percent population who attended secondary school, approximately 9.3% have matric. The majority of the learners at all Technical colleges in the Klerksdorp higher education band are enrolled in business studies. In the further education band the majority of students are enrolled in engineering studies. The level of literacy in Klerksdorp is at 70.0%.

The Executive Mayor says this will need support from business people, parents and academic institutions. He also wants to see people with disabilities applying and taking charge of the development of this city.

The city council of Klerksdorp has written off an amount of more than R127 million for all indigent consumers who applied as on the 28 February 2005. This process has started since last year October 2004. Through Mayoral Imbizos, all people where informed that all those who are indigents must apply. Those who will qualify according to the Council indigent policy will then have their arrears written off.

The Executive Mayor appeal to all who benefited from this program, not to leave their services accounts to accumulate again. The Council will not write off any arrears in future, so they must keep their accounts up to date.

The Executive Mayor also congratulates all the consumers in the KOSH area who continue to pay for their services. In light of the above, he will make a recommendation to council on how to incentivize consumers who pay for their services. It is because of these people that it is for the first time in the history of KOSH that we received a payment of 89% during February 2005. This is an indication that we can still do better.

The major concerns that the Executive mayor is having, is of people who are stealing electricity and tempering with water meters. The council is loosing more than R30 million per annum. The Executive Mayor's appeal is that people who are involved in these acts must stop such illegal acts. These acts work towards disempowering and also deny poor people access to other services. What is also disturbing is that even some big companies are stealing these services. This is not acceptable. The money lost here can be used by the Council to rehabilitate the current infrastructure that is very old.

The Executive Mayor will make a request to his Executive that all people who steals electricity and tempered with water meters must be identified in order for them to come forward so that council can rectify those affected meters. He will also engage Eskom on areas such as Orkney, Stilfontein and Hartbeesfontein to buy into the proposal. Once the Executive agrees with the Mayor all those people will be required to come forward and report. The appeal is that once the executive agrees to the request of the Mayor that all consumers who steals services be indemnified, then all who are affected must come forward.

Council is not folding hands in addressing this problem. A Company has been appointed to read all meters using the remote control system. The system will be operational very soon and it will catch all the victims.

At this stage there is going to be request to the Chief Magistrate and to increase and register the fine for people who steal electricity and temper with water meters.

The Executive Mayor wants to build a responsible council, so that the consumers as well, must be responsible.


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