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Kerk Kamp Fees

'n Fees geleentheid, eerste van sy soort, het onlangs in Klerksdorp plaasgevind. Dit was 'n uitreik-aksie, waar 31 persone opgelei is om kinders van ouderdomme 9 tot 11 jaar, tot geloofssekerheid to lei. Vanaf 16 tot 20 September, was so 'n geleentheid toe Ds Chris Bester van EE III S A, studente opgelei het by die Hervormde Kerk, Declercqville.  Daar was 'n kinderpartytjie gehou, om die geleentheid af te sluit, waar ± 100 kinders oor 'n breë spektrum van die stad, deel was.  Soos die foto's wys, was dit 'n ware fees. Graag wil ons dank aan ons borge uitspreek - dit was 'n reuse sukses.  Vir die kinders, was daar 'n groot bederf deur  McDonalds, Wimpy en Spur.  
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By Genevieve Vieira

Tusk Rio Casino hosted a special golf day in aid of charity.  Putter's Pride as it was called, sponsored by Mr. Rudi Putter from Tusk Rio and a various number of Klerksdorp residents.  If it weren't for them this day would not have been made possible.  Truly a successful and rewarding affair.  The event took place at the Orkney Golf Club on Friday 11 November and united golfers from all over.  Approximately 120 participants teed off to a shot gun start playing a four ball American scramble which began at 10:00.

Prize giving was held at the barnyard theatre including a dinner and the Cliff Richard Show where R50 000 worth of prizes were given away.  Most importantly the event issued the SAVF Rethabile children's home and Hospice with R5000 each.  Furthermore ABSA donated an extra amount of R1000 to the Rethabile children's home.

Winners Jaun Mitchell; Ian Fourie; Werner Bothma; and Dawie de Villiers won themselves a weekend in Mmbatho including a day on the golf course and a bed and breakfast.  The longest drive was awarded to Mr. A. Wright, and Mr. Van der Merwe for closest to the pin.
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The Greek on the Corner

Dionysios Koutsouvelis is a religious shopkeeper with a difference. He not only sells take-aways and snacks, but also runs a little informal ministry.  There is also another reason that makes him unique, writes

Chanél Boshoff.

“Why does he not stand up to help the customers when they buy their chocolates and french fries”? you think, as you stand around waiting in the shop. His face, partially covered by a greying beard and mustache, is however, friendly.
                                                                                                         Dionysios Koutsouvelis is a religious shopkeeper with a difference, having his shop on a corner of Piet Uys street in Potchefstroom. From here, he not only sells take-aways and snacks, but also runs a small, informal ministry - he is also bound to a wheelchair.

In 1956, he travelled to the Land of Milk and Honey - a starry-eyed 16 year old with big dreams of big money! The first job he landed, was selling tomatoes at a street shop. Since then, he has been in the country for almost half a century, and has always been in the business sector.

The main difference between his lifestyle living in Greece and living in South Africa, is that in his home country, he was a peasant. When he came to South Africa however, he was considered a “king”, although he started off by merely selling tomatoes! He ascribes this to the 'apartheids-regime', which was ruling when he came into the country. He was welcomed because he was a foreigner who was making money. The political ruling did not however, have a real effect on him. Six years after his arrival, he met the woman who would later become his wife. Her name is Androniki, and she helps him run the take-away and snackshop. She also has Greek roots and originally came from Mozambique. They met in Vereeniging, when she and her parents were in the country on holiday, “and there she fell into my arms!” he admits, with a gleam in his eye.
The father of three and grandfather of three, originally comes from the small Greek island, Ithaca. It was named after the king who made the legendary Trojan horse.

The name Dionysios, he explains, also has a mythilogical connotation. It is the name of the god of wine, but fortunately has had no significance in his life, he smiles. 

His favourite food is the coffee and rusks which he eats in the mornings. The rest of the day he eats mainly fruit and vegetables. You cannot help wondering how he stands it, with the hungering smells of fast food floating from the kitchen at the back!

But it is clear that this man has perseverance and conviction. He came to South Africa because he wanted to achieve success in life. For the greater part of it, he assigned happiness and success to money and material possessions. He had the urge to become financially independent and to have a fulfilling family life, but about ten years ago, that all changed.

“I have achieved spiritual growth and happiness only in the past ten years,” he explains. Dionysios is obviously a very spiritual man. He goes to the local Elgro church, as there is no Greek Orthodox church in the area. According to this Christian, whose favourite pastime is reading the Bible, he gets a strong message there.

He tells of the three girls in their late teens, who came into his shop the previous day. They were running away from home, and he took it onto himself to speak to the young ladies about their future. “While they were ordering pizza, I was preaching to them,” he says, with a telling smile. “We are born with an emptiness in us, I told them. We look for happiness, but we look in the wrong places.

“I have a little ministry here,” Dionysios says further. “I want to guide young people. I want to share my past experiences.”

The conversation steers in the direction of the mechanism he depends on to help him move around. “It is definitely not the will of God, as He wants us to have a good life  life in abundance,” he quotes the Bible.

 In some way, Dionysios hurt his back when he was in his twenties. When he was thirty, he started limping as the damage worsened. Soon after that, he consulted doctors to determine the problem, but by that time, it was already too late. Operations were done, but nothing seemed to help. He has been in a wheelchair ever since.

When asked how being in a wheelchair affects his life, he replies: “I have a lovely life. I don't need anything. I am the happiest man in the world.” The main thing he has learned from life, is to love God and to love his fellow human being. It seems as though he lives with a conscious purpose.
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Kevin Leo tree in die Ouditorium op 19 November op, en koste beloop R40-00 per persoon. Kaartjies is te koop by die  Hervormde Kerk, Klerksdorp. Vir verdere besonderhede, kontak gerus vir Cornel op (018) 406-8595.
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Deur die jare, het mense se persepsie van hierdie honderas baie opspraak verwek.  Baie negatiewe berigte het hierdie wonderlike hond se reputasie onnodig negatief beinvloed. Die doel van hierdie artikel, is om sekere feite weer te gee, sodat mense met nuwe oë na die Pit Bull kan laat kyk.

Die Pit Bull gee nuwe betekenis aan die gesegde “ 'n hond is 'n mens se beste vriend”.

Mite: Die Pit Bull word geteel om mense aan te val en sal sy eie baas byt.

Feit: Pits was deur telers van kant gemaak en dus uit die bloedlyn uit geteel, indien hulle aggressie teenoor mense getoon het. Die ras was geteel om mense te vermaak deur aan hond- en bulgevegte deel te neem. Hulle ongelooflike vegtersinstink en uithouvermoë ten opsigte van pyndrumpel, was die vernaamste eienskappe wat op gekonsentreer was, in die teelprogram.

Mite: 'n Pit Bull is die produk van 'n kruising tussen 'n Staffordshire Terrier en 'n Bull Terrier.

Feit: Die Pit Bull is 'n eiesoortige ras was spesifiek en uniek geteel is.

Indien enige poging aangewend word om Pits met enige ander ras te teel, kan die temperament gevaarlik uitdraai, wat wel 'n probleem kan skep vir mense. Dit is dus uiters belangrik om slegs Pit Bulls te bekom, wat geregistreer is by 'n erkende hondevereniging.


Pit Bulls is intelligente, lojale honde wat hulle eienaars letterlik tot die dood toe, sal beskerm. Geen ander hond wat hulle eienaar aanval, staan 'n kans teen hierdie hond nie.

Selfs enige mens wat hulle eienaars se lewe bedreig, sal hulle rieme styfloop. Pits is die beste waghond wat enigiemand kan hê. Hierdie honde is veral wonderlik teenoor kinders en verdra hulle, sonder om aggressief te wees.

Moet geen hond koop waarvan die volledige bloedlyn nie bekend is nie. Dit is byvoorbeeld, nie voldoende om te weet wie die ma en pa is nie, omdat dit moontlik is dat die ouers, 'n boetie en sussie kan wees.

Tensy die hondjie wat jy wil koop, se registrasie geldig is en afgehandel is, moet jy dit nie aanvaar nie. Dus  ma en pa se papiere alleen nie goed genoeg nie!

Vir enige verdere inligting en navrae, skakel gerus vir James of Lenro, by Moffat Kennels by die volgende nommers: 083 560 8541 of 082 575 0771.
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By Genevieve Vieira

Artists from all over came together and created an absolutely stunning display at the Danie De Jager hall.  The opening night 10 November, included acts by cultural persons exhibiting their potential to the people of Klerksdorp.  An appearance by Larne Neuland, writer of bestseller “How to win when life is unfair”, delivered a speech to honour one of the artists, Helen Grey.  Helen is insistent in helping people and was the one who inspired Larne to write her book.

All artists who participated will have their work written on cd and sent to the Netherlands.  In hope that this exposure will help them to achieve recognition for their work.  The overall winner for best art work was awarded to Eljana van der Merwe, receiving herself an art piece from Maxi Pretoruis Studio Glass.


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