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A property rates forum was established at an inter-municipal workshop held at Potchefstroom.  This newly formed forum was called into existence to assist member municipalities with pro-active arrangements and practical guidelines for the successful implementation of the new property rates act.

The main purpose of this forum is to maintain an information platform where members, interest groups and the community can get access to information, ask questions and discuss related issues.

In addition to the property rates forum, a website,, containing an interactive version of related Municipal acts and an on-line discussion forum was introduced.  Anyone can subscribe to this forum to get access to information related to property rates issues.  Topics currently under discussion are the critical factors for successful implementation of the act, content and adoption of a rates policy, rebates and incentives, and frequently ask questions.

The challenge which local Municipalities face, is to address the concerns and fears of property owners and rate payers.  It is therefore important for Municipalities to keep the public informed about the valuation processes and the rate policy progress.  It is hoped that this initiative will foster transparency and public participation.

The website is active and topics can be posted after registration.
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By Genevieve Vieira 

Initiated by Mr. Mc Donald, Mc Donalds and Meiring optometrist visited the Stilfontein Strathvaal Primary School and randomly picked out 50 children in the junior division.  These fortunate few were provided with the opportunity to have their eyes tested.  Out of the entire group 16 children between the Grade R's and Grade 3's, were identified with eye problems. 

On Thursday 10 November, the selected few were taken to the City Mall, accompanied by the head of department and Grade 3 teacher, Mrs. Y. Myburg.  A thorough eye test was completed and each child placed a prescription for a pair of glasses.  Financed by Mc Donald himself, 16 children of our future generation have been assisted with their eye problems. 
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By Genevieve Vieira

The Klerskdorp city mall is involved in a campaign to help out Thomas Hodgeson.  The Thomas Hodgeson home is in desperate need of goods, ranging from kitchen utensils to sanitary equipment.  A drop off point situated in the center of the city mall, requires the help of Klerksorp residents to bring any goods that are not needed.

The collection will continue until the last week before Christmas in which a date will be set for the people of the home to select the goods that will be of use to them.  Thereafter anything that is left over will be gathered and sold in a jumble sale.  The assistance of our residents will be gladly appreciated.  



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